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How it works

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How it works

Many resources

We're collecting companies' data from various resouces, to provide you fresh, independent and valuable content.

Smart Funnels

We're sorting, what we grab. Our smart algorithms can evaluate information about company from various sources, so at the end the right one is chosen.

Your requests

Right after you ask for a company data, you'll get back nice formatted aggregated data.


Trustminer is a webservice that provides REST API for its customers.

At its core, TrustMiner has algorithms for mining data from various sources, sort and evaluate them and finaly deliver to you - our customer. We, at TrustMiner, are still searching for new sources and thanks to original TrustMiner's architecture, we're able to connect it to our processes quickly.

And after all, API endpoints are carefully designed to be powerful and as fast as possible.

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Why TrustMiner

Tons of suppliers can offer you huge databases of companies for your marketing and other purposes. But can you be sure that these static lists are not stale?

We've decided for different approach, so we're aggregating data from more sources and doing regular lookups for keeping the records up to date.

And More ...
For sure, even you work with large list of companies. So then your list can also become TrustMiner's data source and you gain access to our API for free as an reward.

And that's how it works. Beside official data from registries, we're performing lookups to daily used databases, so many eyes can see and proof our data.

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